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“OMG I love this calendar! It’s so pretty and colorful and full of nature and oh, also, I made it myself so this review doesn’t really count at all!” – Sarie

“It’s awesome. I guess whoever made these wallpapers deserves a lot of support so I’ve bought 27 immediately!” – Bas

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These are our first official “A Wild Journey” creations, and WE LOVE THEM!
Proud to present: ‘Wild Views 2019’ and ‘Wild Nature 2019’.
We’ve gathered our best shots of the past six months on the road and created two calendars stuffed with beautiful imagery of Europe’s wildest sites.

Go for serene close up nature shots, or get into the travel vibe with views over lakes and mountains. We know, it’s a tough call, and honestly we couldn’t choose if we had to!

Both calendars are available in an awesome XL version (A3) or a more compact Small size (A4).

1. Stated price is for orders including shipping within THE NETHERLANDS ONLY. If you wish to receive your calendar elsewhere, please contact us to get a payment link including shipping to your country.

2. Each calendar is printed individually upon order, therefore cancellations and returns are unfortunately not possible. Wich you won’t want to do anyway, since they’re awesome!


Oh and since my dad didn’t understand how to buy: simply click the price-buttons. (Love you, dad, we understand the internet is a confusing place ;))









Do you spend more time on your laptop than at the toilet? We get your problem. You could, of course, simply hang your callendar in the living room instead, BUT here’s another great alternative!
We’re big supporters of spending more time in the actual outdoors but if you can’t: at least get some ‘Zen’ into your screentime.

1. After purchase, you will receive a download link through your provided e-mail adress ASAP. We will do our best to get your wallpapers to you within 24 hours.
2. Because our wallpaper packs are digital goods delivered via internet download we unfortunately offer no refunds


Wild Nature Wallpaper pack 1 Wild Nature Wallpaper pack 2 Wild Nature Wallpaper pack 3 Wild Nature Wallpaper pack 4 Wild Nature Wallpaper all packs



Wild Views Wallpaper pack 1 Wild Views Wallpaper pack 2 Wild Views Wallpaper pack 3 Wild Views Wallpaper pack 4 Wild Views Wallpaper all packs



THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting us! All earnings go straight into our Eco Home Fund, which we will hopefully utilize next year to find a piece of land and start building our self-sustainable home. Your help means the world to us, and ultimately makes that world a greener place : )

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