Collapsing waterfalls, magical sunsets that color the sky in a spectacle of orange and pink, fresh spring leaves, rugged mountaintops and soft meadows sprinkled with wildflowers… Whether it’s a wide view over a lush green landscape or a magical closeup of a funky looking mushroom; we bring you nature at its finest and with an eye for detail.


“If not to be admired, what’s the purpose of beauty?”

Soon you will find a selection of our best shots here, organized by theme. Also check out our Instagram to see the latest pics of our travels and adventures!


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Travel with us through wide stretched forests, over mountain passes and into unmapped caves. Venture out to cook lunch on a mountain top, hike deep into the woods and discover amazing natural sites all around Europe. Explore a life full of adventure, nature, laughter and surprise!

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VLOG #1 – “Away we go: the start of fulltime RV traveling and living”
VLOG #2 – “Midsommar celebration in Sweden”
VLOG #3 – “Sweden so far…”




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