Misson & Vision

Our Mission

First and foremost we are embarking on this adventure because we simply choose to be FREE.

We are breaking with the rules of modern society and are creating a life of our own. To live within and amongst nature and to live a life of gratefulness for all the Earth has to offer. What’s the purpose of beauty if not to be observed and enjoyed?
Through our stories, photography, videography and art we are sharing Europe’s beauty and thereby hopefully spreading awareness and appreciation for nature and wildlife.

Our Vision

We strongly believe that freedom is our birthright and that the Earth belongs to all. 
We dream of a future wherein the reconnection of men to nature takes a central place. A world that thrives on renewable energy and that teaches our kids to live within nature and to treasure our planet. Where we will roam freely without boundaries and experience life at its best.

“we will roam freely and experience life at its best”


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