Here’s an overview of our adventures so far, plans for the future, stories, reflections and other brain farts. Our newest blog posts will always be displayed on the homepage but if you’re looking to read more about a certain topic we’ve organized everything right here for you.

We hope you enjoy our stories and that our journey will inspire you to embark on more wild adventures of your own!

“Our top ten reasons for living in an RV”
“The big switch: from home to permanent RV living”
“First weeks of RV living”
“How to survive longterm wild camping”

“Tour de France”
“A Swedish summer solstice”
“The Norway Bucketlist”
“Sweden Adventures”
“Exploring Norway”

“WILD FOOD : Berry Crumble Pie”
“WILD FOOD : Hazelnut spread”

Feel free to start binge reading now.

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