3 wild cats

on their greatest adventure

Three little crazy balls of fur. Making sure that everything, and we mean everything, has at least 50 hairs on it. Do not wear black clothing. Seriously, don’t.
They love to hang out in the sun. They love food. They love us. It’s totally awesome!


Always happy  Boss-cat  /  Can’t meow properly

Puma is a boss and she knows it. She cannot retract her claws, which must mean she’s a cheetah at heart. When just a tiny kitten she was rescued off the street by Bas – her mom and siblings fallen victim to a hit and run. The two have been inseparable ever since.
Puma’s purring never ceases and she’s always up for some running around or to chase your hand under the sheets. When given the chance she’ll make a run for it and look at you real smirky from a place where you cannot get to her.


Cuddliest creature ever to exist / Adventurous / Likes guys with beards

Chloe is a teddy bear come to life. You have never seen a happier cat than Chlo rubbing her head against a (preferably bearded) chin. She loves to jump into your arms unexpectantly and lick you excessively with that sandpaper tongue, while making snorting noises. Yes, she’s a real charmer.
Chloe loves to go on adventures with us and to run around freely in a forest or on a meadow.


Phoebe – Thinks she is a dog

And then there’s Phoebe. You know how every family has that one weird uncle? Well, we have Phoebs. She nearly died being a kitten but came out strong; a tiny bundle of muscle and joy. She’s is a little awkward at first but expresses her love in the cutest ways once she gets to know and trust you. Her tail wags when she is happy and she loves to be petted and scratched like a dog. The cabin of the RV is Phoebe’s domain. The outside still scares her a little and when she gets excited her nose colors bright pink!


Did we mention what awesome company they are ?

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