…and an RV
named Brutus

While road tripping Scandinavia in our faithful Ford Fiesta ‘Bessie’ we decided her soon to arrive big brother should have a fitting name as well. In came Brutus.

Brutus is a 3500 kg beast that measures just over 7 meters in length and is 100% customized to our needs. He’s solar powered, stripped of all superfluities and has plenty of space for the cats to stay out of each other’s hair.

So far Brutus has been on trips to Dutch national parks, has sheltered us from hail and snow and proven to be an awesome tiny house to live and travel in. His first big journey took place last year when we traveled France. From Paris to the soft glowing hills of the Dordogne, crossing the Ardesh and Cevennes all the way to the Mediterranean South, going up again through the Alps and making our way back home over treacherous mountain passes, crossing the most beautiful rivers and admiring a landscape covered in castles.

Want to know more about our very memorable trip around France? Find out here if we ever made it up to the ‘Corniche de Cevennes’ – a panoramic route through the clouds – after discovering a 7m long vehicle wasn’t really supposed, or able, to take the hairpin bends going up the mountainside.


In the short period that we’ve had Brutus we’ve been on numerous adventures and have full faith he has what it takes to make this journey into an epic experience!

However, we’ve put in quite the amount of work since we welcomed him into the family, and it didn’t all go as planned… Read here about how we lost a window on the highway (yep, really…), the refurbishing job, losing a lot of weight and getting rid of all our bad karma-points for the coming years.

In conclusion we might say Brutus is pretty awesome! We feel at home in our cozy house on wheels and are in love with having the world as our backyard. The cats seem to like it too and make sure everything is super fluffy by covering it in a layer of fur. We have a mini vacuum cleaner though, so that’s cool. They like to play on the roof, stare at the door in an attempt to make a run for it and will put their claws in anything they’re not supposed to. Cats will be cats.

Overall, life on the road is good!