Understanding the full length of our journey requires some background info. Who are those crazies leaving everything behind to live under the sun and pioneer towards a new way of life?

2 wild souls exploring Europe 3 wild cats on their greatest adventure and an rv named brutus


2 wild souls

exploring Europe

7CIMG1643.JPGHi! We are Bas and Sarie and we started our journey together about 10 years ago. Our love for nature has always been our biggest binding factor, next to a bit of a Peter Pan syndrome, a rather peculiar sense of humor and an irresistible urge to turn up the radio and never stop driving.

The past 10 years sure have been adventurous; our journey so far has brought us motorcycle trips into the most stunning valleys, sleeping in a hammock with the sound of howling wolfs, eating fresh caught mackerel in Norway’s fjords and gazing upon Europe’s biggest waterfall in Austria just to name a few. Over the years our love for adventure just grew bigger and bigger.


 All of this eventually led to one inevitable moment: we felt out of sync with modern society and longed for a more adventurous, natural way of life. Although some might say we ‘had it all’ – a great apartment, steady jobs and a rich social life – something always remained missing. Freedom. A deeper connection to nature. A means of staying true to how we felt life should be lived.

So one day we decided to start aiming for the moon: live our life the way we wanted to. One year later we bought our RV and started saving up for our great escape. It took almost another two years but now, finally, everything is ready for our greatest adventure yet! Needless to say, we are SO happy and excited to embark on this new adventure! Wherever the road will lead us, we will make sure it will be one hell of a wild journey!


Driver  /  Nature fanatic  /  Brings you videos  / Cooks 

Hi there. I’m a big fan of nature: I love setting up camp in the middle of nowhere. There’s just something really peacefull about hanging in a hammock while all around you wildlife is doing its thing. I also love to capture my experiences and share them with people, so I always carry at least one camera with me. Besides that, I really like to drive in our RV or on my motorcycle, going places I’ve never been before. Oh and yeah, i also LOVE food, so I like to cook! (Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean I’m any good at it…)


Starry-eyed wanderer  /  Artist  /  Lover of trees /  Does the dishes

Hi! The forest feels like my home and my favorite place on Earth is anywhere surrounded by trees and preferably mountains. Also, whenever I see a natural body of water I simply must swim in it! Well, you guessed it; I just love nature.  I’m not your typical girly-girl but am often spotted wearing pink and need my daily portion of yoga to function optimally. I also love to paint and am the owner of StudioSarie where I share my wilderness art. I like to think of the world as a slightly magical place and love bringing you stories of our wild adventures!



3 wild cats

on their greatest adventure

Three little crazy balls of fur. Making sure that everything, and we mean everything, has at least 50 hairs on it. Do not wear black clothing. Seriously, don’t. Other than that, they love to hang out in the sun, they love food, they love us. It’s totally awesome!


Always happy  /  Boss-cat  /  Can’t meow properly

Puma is a boss and she knows it. She cannot fully retract her claws, which must mean she’s a cheetah at heart. When just a tiny kitten she was rescued off the street by Bas and the two have been inseparable ever since. Puma’s purring is as loud as it gets and she’s always up for some shenanigans. When given the chance she’ll make a run for it and look at you real smirky from a place where you cannot get to her.



Cuddliest creature ever / Adventurous / Likes guys with beards

Chloe is a teddy bear come to life. You have never seen a happier cat than Chlo rubbing her head against a (preferably bearded) chin. You have to pay attention to her because she will jump into your arms unexpectedly and lick you excessively with that sandpaper tongue, while making cute snorting noises. Yes, she’s a real charmer. Chloe also loves to go with us on hikes where she can run around freely in a forest or a meadow.


Thinks she is a dog / Playfull / Can’t meow properly no.2

And then there’s Phoebe. You know how every family has that one weird family member? Well, we have Phoebs. She nearly died being a kitten thanks to her original owners but came out strong; a tiny bundle of muscle and joy. She’s is a little awkward at first but expresses her love in the cutest ways once she gets to know and trust you. Her tail wags when she is happy and she loves to be petted and scratched like a dog. The outside still scares her a little and when she gets excited her nose colors bright pink!

…and an RV
named Brutus

Back when we were road tripping Scandinavia in our faithful Ford Fiesta ‘Bessie’ we decided her soon to arrive big brother should have a fitting name as well. In came Brutus.

Brutus is a 3500 kg beast that measures just over 7 meters in length and has been customized to our needs. Stripped of all superfluities and with plenty of space for the cats to stay out of each other’s hair. On the roof we have two solar panels to provide us with all the electricity we need.

Brutus has been extensively tested: he has sheltered us from rain, hail and snow and has proven to be an awesome tiny house to live and travel in. His first big journey took place in 2017 when we traveled through France. From Paris to the soft glowing hills of the Perigord, crossing the Ardesh and Cevennes all the way to the Mediterranean South, going up again through the Alps and making our way back home over mountain passes, crossing the most beautiful rivers and admiring a landscape covered in castles.

We’ve put in quite the amount of work since we welcomed Brutus into the family, and it didn’t all go as planned… We lost a window on the highway (yes, that really happened…), had to get rid of 200 kilogram, refurbished the seats, matresses, blankets, curtains, rebuild the bed and well, had an old lady crash into him.. Let’s just say it was a lot of work…

But in the short period that we’ve had our traveling house we’ve been on numerous adventures and have full faith it has what it takes to make this journey into an epic experience!



In conclusion we feel right at home in our cozy house on wheels and we love having the world as our backyard. We hope you find everything just as exciting as we do and keep coming back to follow us on our wild journey!




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