At the very start of our travels we were headed for Sweden. Back to the place where we spent our honeymoon two years back and that fuelled our love for living off the grid and immersed in nature. While exploring a land of vast forests and sunlit nights, we’re also still getting the hang of our newfound camper lifestyle, leading to unexpected obstacles and informative experiences. Here are the stories of our time spent in this wild and serene country!

Our first stop after crossing the magnificent bridges connecting Sweden to Denmark, was Ullared. Or at least, Ullared was the closest thing known to Google maps in the neighborhood, which will probably be the case more often then not in this travel log. Anyway, hello Sweden! Hello bonfires, hello lakes, hello endless forest. Puma and Chloe seemed to like it here too, exploring in the woods and accompanying us on short hikes.

We divided our way up North in two by spending the night right by the steel factory and -museum of this tiny town. An evening bike ride brought us some surprisingly beautiful views, although we should have known better not to expect anything from anywhere in Sweden by now!


Assumingly, this is the place to be to celebrate an authentic Swedisch summer solstice. However, arriving right on time for summer solstice preparations, we were left a little confused and underwhelmed after a cloudy day of weaving wreaths and hopping around a pole. But we had a ton of fun and were rewarded with the biggest brightest rainbow over the Siljan lake and sunlight all through the night.

New day, new place, and a proper midsummer celebration in the countryside this time around! Check our blog on this event to read all about awkward dances, songs about frogs and what the hell a maypole actually is.

Where we were under a serious mosquito attack and one of our cats decided to break free right through the insect screen – and started meowing so desperately a stranger had to come and rescue her. (Meaning, climbing on our roof and forcing her back through the window.) At least, that’s the story we read on a note under our wiper when we returned home after a day of hiking. Needless to say, Chloe is not allowed to play on the roof anymore ; )
The broken insectscreen didn’t help at all with the vigorous mosquito attack and we ended up spending all night taping shut every little crack we could find around the RV.


After the relative bussiness of Mora and our summer solstice experience, we felt it was high time to find a place where we could soak ourselves in solitude. We failed miserably. Sweden’s outstretched wilderness means an endless offer of soltitude, but is also pretty limited in places that are still sensibly reachable with the RV! Anyhow, we were not completely alone here but we had the most amazing view over the lake and ‘summer holiday’-vibes were all over. Swimming, chilling, bonfires on the beach, showers with water heated from the sun. Life’s good.

Leaving Finnbodarna after a good week of lake chillings, we ended up near the border with Norway. As always, places we are just ‘traveling through’ on our way to some place else (aren’t we always?) turn out to be the greatest. Which is why we spent a couple extra days here, parked next to a shelter at the shore of another amazing lake sprinkled with tiny islands. We cooked on a fire, hiked, biked and Saar finally got back to painting.


Stunning view at Bjurberget, Sweden – featured in our ‘Wild Views 2019’ calendar available on our support page!

From Bjurberget we headed into Norway, intending to stay a week or two, but only returning to Sweden a good six weeks later where our Scandinavian summer ended on an abrupt and rather heartbreaking note…

All stories are worth telling but not all of them are as fun to write up. So, on that note, here’s the story of how we left Norway in a hurry and traveled directly to Munkfors, Sweden (and later on to the Netherlands).
We refer to our travels up to this point as “when all was still good”. Two happy campers and three adventurous cats; a happy hobo family enjoying life and each other.
The day we noticed something was wrong with our oldest and wisest furball, things went downhill faster than a steep slope mountain bike ride. She started bleeding, we hoped for the best but feared for the worst. The vet gave her another year or so.
They say you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. We’ve always known, though. Those all-knowing green eyes and songlike purr have always been irreplaceable. Treasuring any and all time we’d got left with her, we spent our days parked near the Stor-En lake playing outside, running through the woods and exploring little creeks together. Chlo joined in on the fun and even Phoebs dared to go on an adventure once (which ended in total disaster, but hey, at least she tried!).
These were days overshadowed by dark clouds, but with a golden lining. We gazed at the milky way, built fires, hiked out to a tiny cabin in the woods… All with an overflowing love for that furry black creature that would be leaving us way to soon.

Exactly 3 weeks after our first visit to the vet we had to do the hardest thing yet;…let go of our dearest friend and soulmate Puma. So much more than just a cat – she will be missed deeply and in every aspect of our lives. But the memories are strong and loving, which means in a way she will always be there, wherever we go from here 😊. There’s no shame in saying she was family and has been a true example to us all.


Playing outside – we love you Pum!

Thank you Sweden, for the amazing experience and the memories that will stick.

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