IMG-20180609-WA0005Calm after the storm
My head is still spinning.
I am seeing numbers, dates, weights, deadlines, orders, budgets… and a sick amount of stuff that needs to be moved someplace or another. Who knew getting rid of living in a house could be so much work?

Now that we are finally on the road it’s time to close one chapter of our lives and start a brand new one. But however much we are looking forward to our wild future, these years of working towards our dream are sure worth looking back upon. For in the end, it’s all part of the journey! (Cheesy, but oh so very true).

A list of last times
One can plan for a lot, but somehow the list always keeps growing while time is running out. This move didn’t turn out to be any different. So, the past few months have been a sequel of scheduling, rescheduling, and dropping the schedule all together. We sold all of our furniture, made a numerous number of trips to the thrift store and carefully selected what little belongings we wanted to take with us in the RV or put into storage. I got to tell you; getting rid of your material possessions is surprisingly refreshing! Though hard at first, both of us gained a clear mind by drastically reducing our amount of, well… stuff in general. And our little apartment was crammed with it .

Not only did we part from all of our things that we have been collecting for roughly 30 years, we also said goodbye to our little habitat of marshland and city parks that came to be our home these past 8 years. There have been uncountable ‘last times’, including Subway sandwiches at the city canal, spring blossoms in our all-time-favorite park, road trips to the dunes of Amsterdam and feeding the jackdaws at our local supermarket. For me personally, the knowledge of leaving it all behind on short term opened a whole new level of appreciation for my life as it was. The sun never failed to set in a bright spectacle of pink and orange hues, displaying a daily free show to be watched from our 6th floor ceiling high windows. Golden hour truly turned our apartment gold, and we consciously enjoyed it every single day.

The Big Plan
Life was good, it really was, but still we longed for something else. To be closer to nature and break free from (at least some of) the rules of modern consumer society. Working toward this ideal meant creating a plan that we executed over the course of a three-year period. Starting by minimizing our expenses to save up for an RV, working out whatever it was we needed from our mobile home and customizing it to our lifestyle, brainstorming ideas on how to generate an income on the road and ending in quitting our jobs and the tenancy of our home.
Oh! In the meantime we also got married in France, got all of our stuff stolen during a burglary (that sort of helped to clean out the house) and took an awesome Scandinavian roadtrip in our Ford Fiesta.

20180526_173229Our plans of permanently living on the road went through various stages and finally evolved to a definitive idea of building a self-sustainable eco home on a piece of land with lots of wild nature. Suddenly having a 10-year set out masterplan somewhat conflicts with the idea of being ‘wild and free’, but at the same time it has pushed us to work harder and maintain the strong intrinsic motivation that was definitely needed to conclude the first stretch of preparations. And to be honest, although we have a pretty clear idea on where we want to end up in the far future, there’s countless roads and trails leading there so there’s still plenty adventure ahead!

End of an era
Choosing a life of going back to basics, also meant saying goodbye to part of our comfort. Among last times there have been hot showers, flushing the toilet, sleeping diagonally on our 180cm wide mattress, frozen pizza and binge watching New Girl on Netflix. None of these things compete however with the freedom we feel when traveling in our RV. We’ve got nowhere to be, no one to answer to and nothing on our minds. Just the open road and a seemingly endless stretch of time. There’s no plan, no schedule and adventure seems to find its way to wherever we are. We love our new life! We had a good run living in the city but I got a strong feeling this new chapter will take it to a whole new level. We’re ready. Let’s head north!


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