We’ve always been travelers.

Explorers. Not just us but you, too. After all, our ancestors lived a nomadic lifestyle exploring the wild!

For us, the urge to spend time in nature has always been very strong. From the moment we started traveling the globe, first by public transport, then by motorbike and later taking road trips in our car, we’ve always been living from one adventure to the next. Time spent at home or at the office started to feel like we were on pause and getting out of the car and into the woods felt like coming home. So now we are stirring things up and a creating a new life for ourselves!

Here’s our top ten reasons to take the leap of becoming modern day full-time travelers living in an RV.

1. Exploring Europe’s beauty

We’ve been on some awesome road trips both by car, motorbike and public transport, but still haven’t seen nearly enough of Europe’s wilderness! While continents like New Zealand, Australia and Canada are widely known for their wild nature, Europe is often portrayed as a collection of diverse culture, historical sites and cities, leaving relatively little attention for its beautiful national parks. We are time and time again amazed by its diversity and the hidden gems that are scattered all around as soon as you leave the beaten track.

2. Reconnecting to nature

Being among the trees and discovering wildlife has always been our favorite way to unwind. In fact, more like unwinding it feels like coming home when we are hung in our hammocks staring at the stars. Which is why for us weekend getaways just don’t do it anymore. We want to be out there and experience our wild nature as much as we can! Living in our RV means living outside for the greater part, too. And if we plan our parking right; opening the door (literally) to stunning views and the smell of pinewood.

3. Moving with the seasons

One of the perks of being able to move your home, is the option to chase the sun south when winter comes. Even though we love the flow of the seasons, our Dutch grey winters usually leave us a little too long without sunlight. Plus working a 9 to 5 job doesn’t allow much room to slow down in winter like the rest of nature does. We are looking forward to sync a little more with the outdoors and move at the pace of nature from spring through winter.

4. Breaking with the rules of modern society

Ah, don’t get us going on this one! We tried to fit in but it turns out it’s just not for us. Get a job, be on time, follow orders, act “socially acceptable” (who even comes up with these rules?). Don’t walk on the grass, buy a house, work hard and buy a ton of sh*t. Submit. Achieve. Consume. Did you know that by Dutch law we are not allowed to sleep in our RV even if it’s parked right in our own driveway? To us that’s just…well, mildly absurd. We could start a whole rant on this topic but let’s just say we really need a break. A permanent one preferably.

5. Road tripping

ROAD TRIP! Need we say more? Looking at the landscape gliding by and making your way to unknown territories. Never knowing what’s around the next bend in the road – and in our case; if the RV is going to fit. Staring out that window is better than any tv show! We love to drive for hours with the music on and just watch the landscape change, stopping to enjoy panoramic views or to have lunch in the most beautiful places.

6. Living minimalistic

With about twenty square meters of living space it’s essential to downgrade our number of possessions. And while we have to be honest that letting go of some of our belongings has been a minor struggle, it’s also VERY freeing to only keep what we really need. We never have to look for our stuff, we don’t have to go shopping, there’s no closet that automatically empties itself on the floor when we dare to open it… We were never a really big fan of the consumer society to begin with, so it all goes hand in hand quite nicely.


7. A changing environment keeps you fresh

All human beings need change. It’s movement that keeps our energy flowing and that helps us grow and ultimately enjoy life. While I have changed my hair, clothing, job, hobbies and -to Bas’ despair- the furniture in all of our rooms numerous times, it just never really seems enough. Yes, stability is nice and makes us feel comfortable and safe, but in the end the adventures are what really matters. Moving around creates new views, new perceptions and new possibilities every day!

8. Experiencing new things slows down time

We all know the feeling; as we get older life tends to fly by at the speed of a supersonic airplane. BANG. And it’s gone. When we were younger time could stretch itself endlessly. Counting the nights to our birthday or the number of minutes until it’s time to go play at your friend’s place. But as we get older and have less and less new experiences, our perception of time changes and makes it move way faster. Even though we are still young we are already experiencing this phenomenon. And we DON’T like it. So off we go to look for new adventures!

9. Reducing our ecological footprint

By living small we are reducing our carbon- and ecological footprint. Not as dramatically as we wish to do in the near future but there will hopefully still be a significant decline. We need less gas to warm our house, will use significantly less water other than from a natural source, will eat less store-bought foods and consume less in general. While Brutus (the RV) will still cause some carbon emission, commuting daily between home and work was putting a much greater strain on the environment. Overall, we are confident this is a step in the right direction towards living self-sustainable and environmentally friendly!

10. Finding a location for our future eco-home

You may have noticed that nature plays quite an important role in our lives. So it does in our dreams for the future. Our ultimate goal is to build a 100% self-sustainable eco house somewhere in a beautiful forest, using reclaimed materials and natural resources. While on the road we will be looking out for suitable pieces of land and gathering inspiration on what features we want to implement in our future home. But hey, no one knows what the future will bring! We might end up running an animal shelter in Albania or selling art in Finland. We just don’t know and that’s the beauty of the adventure! (But ok let’s be honest, we REALLY hope it will be an awesome eco home somewhere in nature!)


So there you have it. Ten of the many reasons why we’d rather live in an RV than in a house at this point in our lives. There’s still some work to do but we are really excited to make the switch! The struggle has been real but we are SO happy to start the final countdown. There’s less than two months to go until we start this big adventure. It feels crazy in all the best ways!

Read all about our last preparations and how we got to this point here, and make sure to subscribe to follow our journey as we get ready to leave and start this wild journey.


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