Welcome to our Wild Journey. Join us on our biggest adventure yet, where we will explore Europe in an RV accompanied by our three cats, on the search for freedom and the perfect spot for our future eco-home. We bring you stories of wild nature, road trips and living a minimal life off the grid, all along capturing Europe’s beauty through our lens.


Panoramic road trips leading to vast forests and desolate mountains. Exploring remote hiking trails. Wildlife encounters. Utilizing the land and being powered by the sun. Restoring our natural bond with the planet and giving back where we can.

Embark on this journey with us and see the world through our eyes! A playground where we can live our lives like they were meant to be:
W I L D.

Follow our adventures through our blog, check out our greatest shots, and get the full experience by subscribing to our YouTube channel!

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  1. […] the future. All plans we have are open for change at any given time; it’s all about freedom! Exploring and immersing are always a higher priority on our list then visiting as many places as possible. Quality over […]


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