No one knows where the roads will lead us, but here’s a brief overview of which areas we have explored so far and where we hope to end up someday in the future. All plans we have are open for change at any given time; it’s all about freedom! Exploring and immersing are always a higher priority on our list then visiting as many places as possible. Quality over quantity. Find out more about our vision on this RV-lifestyle here!

Rain and sun in a Norwegian fjord.

We start our journey in the Netherlands. Our tiny home country has brought us many good years but can no longer satisfy our hunger for untamed wilderness. We leave our apartment behind and venture north through West Germany, crossing the border with Denmark. After driving over the Great Belt bridge, headed towards Sweden, we travel along the coast of Scandinavia’s biggest lake and continue the journey north.

Although our love for Sweden is strong, we don’t hang around for too long before we make our way into Norway. Norway, with its foggy fjords and steep cliffs. A land of mysterious waters and unforgiving wilderness. Natural beauty seems to be in abundance here: Rainbows over skies heavy with rain, giving an almost magical touch to stretched out highlands and softening the immense power of rushing creeks collapsing into roaring waterfalls.

Serene lakes in Sweden.

We could live out our days here and never be bored, but there’s more to explore and adventures to be lived! We take a break from Norway’s overwhelming natural ruggedness where one highlight follows another and make our way back to Sweden.

Stretched out forests, tranquil lakes and the forestfloor covered in blueberry bushes. Nature’s silence can be heard here, interrupted only by the distant sound of howling wolves. The days are long and the summer night skies never go dark; Sweden is the perfect place to spend a wild summer of exploring and foraging.

Rolling hills in southern France.

When autumn starts showing her colors we will start our way back south. Heading towards France, which has a good shot of becoming our home once we decide to settle down and start building our eco home.

We make our way through the rocky forests of the Champagne Ardennes, explore the countryside of the Morvan and Limousin before we head into the love the soft rolling hills of the Perigord. We save the sea breeze on the rocky cliffs of Bretagne for later, as well as revisiting the magnificent high peaks of the Alps. There’s plenty to explore in this country, with a variety of national parks and wildlife, which is why we will definitely come back and it’s high on our list of possible places to settle down.

Mont Blanc in the distance.

We plan to travel further South before winter sets in. We’ve already taken Brutus on plenty of winter trips, but we foresee that waking up with frosty toes and huddling in stacks of blankets will lose its charm after a week or so.

Which is why we plan to spend our winter in a sunnier place, like Spain. Or perhaps Italy. It could be anywhere, really! It all depends on our mood and what our travels will have brought us so far at this point in time.

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